Truss Distributed Playbook

This is a great guide for distributed workplaces.

Humbly Confident Part-Time Support Specialist at YNAB

This is the best-written job description I’ve seen in a long time. I might steal the format. 😁

Following redirects with Curl in PHP.

I might want to do some behind-the-scenes redirection-following as part of the SSO work I do.

Work & Vocation :: Desiring God Christian Resource Library
Making Money in Your Pajamas: A Freelancer’s Handbook from the oDesk Insider – oDesk Insider

A how-to ebook for freelancers (or wannabe freelancers) that covers all the steps for making money online.

Finding Your Ethical Line as a Freelancer – oDesk Insider

Whenever you’re doing work for someone else, there’s a question of what you’re willing to support with your work. I’ve been asked to build adult websites and turned them down, but it gets a little blurrier in areas like mediocre products.

Why Work? // Index

A site that espouses a “wage slave”-free lifestyle.

SitePoint Forums – Looking To Hire
Work From Home – Cottage Industries – Fine Quality Handcrafted Miniatures
Open Source @ Work