How To Improve Your Blog Usability And Why You Want To Do It at Perfect Blogger

One of many great posts spawned by the Problogger “how to” group project. I haven’t had a chance to go through it in depth, but I like the headlines I’ve skimmed.

Landing sites 1.3

Landing sites 1.3

wp-postratings – WordPress Plugin Repository – Trac

Nice little plugin that lets visitors rate posts on the fly.

Democracy AJAX Poll at Jalenack

Sweet plugin for polling.

How do I get password-protected directories (with .htaccess) to co-exist with textpattern? · Textpattern

This came up recently with a WordPress installation. I was glad to see the solution clearly documented!

From XHTML/CSS to WordPress

A thorough tutorial for would-be template creators. I haven’t worked through it yet (no time; too busy creating templates!) but it seems like a very useful resource.

WordPress plugin: aggregated blog feeds

Another interesting-looking WordPress RSS plugin.

Automattic » WordPress Widgets

Yay! I’m transitioning a client from TypePad to WordPress, and this TypeList-equivalent will be extremely useful.


I’m going to use this plugin to add tell-a-friend functionality to a client site.

WordPress Competition Blog

A WordPress theme design contest. I want to enter it!