Setting up Trusted SSL Certificates for Local Development, Using mkcert on Ubuntu 18.04 with Apache. – Jonathan Bossenger
SmartyStreets US Autocomplete Pro – JSFiddle – Code Playground

I’m working with the SmartyStreets autocomplete API and this fiddle has proved very useful.

Mockbin by Kong

This is a cool service that lets you test what your request looks like when an API receives it. Super handy for debugging issues.

How to Use JMeter for Performance & Load Testing

This tutorial helped walk me through just the settings I needed to get some JMeter load testing done.

Visual Studio Code: End-to-End Editing and Debugging Tools for Web Developers – SitePoint Premium

I use Visual Studio Code every day but I’m certain there are many features I’d appreciate if I knew they were there.

GitPop2: Find the most popular fork on GitHub
trendwerk/faker: Fake post data with WP-CLI.

I’m making a demo directory site and this will be super useful for creating fake peeps.

List All Shortcodes from All Posts with WPCLI – Jay Wood
Objective Best Practices for Plugin Development?
o1lab/xmysql: One command to generate REST APIs for any MySql Database.