The analytics issue with Twitter – Yoast – Tweaking Websites

I’m tweaking my URL shortener to use Google Analytics campaign code.

A Poor Man’s Guide to Finding Influencers. » The Buzz Bin

Great step-by-step guide to searching lots of different media.

Tweepler (
Superlist: How-To Find, Network With & Influence People via Social Media

I could spend the next year working through the resources on this list!

Find ‘Em On Twitter: 15 Twitter Directories Compared

A good rundown of the many directories, with screenshots + pros and cons.

How to Create an RSS-Enabled, Micro-Blog with Twitter | Think Vitamin

Instablog! I’d probably do this with Yahoo! Pipes, but the idea is a good one.

Kevin Rose: 10 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Some good advice here; I particularly like the idea of educating followers.

TweepSearch :: Welcome

Extremely useful for searching your own followers. I’m going to use it to find people who will weigh in on a survey related to their field… I figure since they’re already following me, it’s much more likely that they’ll help.

Twitter / alyssaavant

I like the seamless tiled background.

Twitter Groups! Home

Until Twitter does groups, this is a decent option.