GoDice | Incredibly Smart Connected Dice For Any Game! by GoCube — Kickstarter

I suspect that with their promised API, I’ll be able to write a layer to make these work as a time-tracking interface that integrates with Harvest. I’m waiting to see the API, though.

Segment your audience. Personalize your website. | RightMessage
Prioritization Worksheet – Chris Lema
The Toolkit – What’s Best Next
Kenji | KAN Kitchen

Some nice knives with a mission and a discount.

How to Use JMeter for Performance & Load Testing

This tutorial helped walk me through just the settings I needed to get some JMeter load testing done.

Make A Pleating Board | Beaufrog
How to make a pleater board
Visual Studio Code: End-to-End Editing and Debugging Tools for Web Developers – SitePoint Premium

I use Visual Studio Code every day but I’m certain there are many features I’d appreciate if I knew they were there.

Dreamfarm | Products

These products range from “okay, but why?” to “geeeenius!”