to buy

Edward Tufte: Courses

I want to attend this class. Just need to come up with the tuition. 🙂

Joy Equation | Stratejoy | Conquer Your Quarterlife Crisis through Fresh Strategies for Real Joy

This might be the next course after the ones I’m doing now…

Natural Bee Pollen – Complete Nutrition – JOEBEES
Thrive Hiring System – outsourcing to the right virtual support team

When I’m ready to hire again, I want to buy this course.

Fighting Chance New Car Buying Guide – Avoid haggling for a new car. Buy or lease a new car the smart way with our car buying guide. Get new car invoice prices for all vehicles. Buying or leasing a car? Don’t do it without this car buying and leasing guid

Ramit Sethi recommended this site enthusiastically.

Online Receipt & Business Card Management System.

This is a very smart, clutter-reducing idea. I wonder if Daniel will go for it? 🙂

The E-book Editor | Creating Highly Effective E-books

I want Chris to edit and produce my next ebook.


I’d really like an image editor that has Automator actions. This one does, but I can’t afford it right now. It’s going on the list!

Elefolio | WooThemes
Product Creation and Listbuilding Training