Top 10 Sins of Blog Usability

This is a useful summary of potential “easy fixes” for bloggers. I may want to expand on this a bit.

How to Improve Your Blog By Partnering Up

I’d like to try the blog partnership idea, but I’m not sure if I have enough time to be a good partner.

Seth’s Blog: How to get referrals

My favorite tip from this article: “Give your best customers something of real value to offer to their friends (a secret menu, a significant gift certificate). Once you do that, not giving that gift to a friend feels selfish.”

Writing Seasonal Content for Christmas

Here’s an exercise – think about your blog’s niche. In the next couple of months what seasonal things might be searching for that relate to your topic? Brainstorm a list of topics and words that people will use – then write some content that fits wit 1164644053 0 blogging,about,tips How to Write Your “About…

Promoting Your Blog With a Series and Articles

This is a very clever tactic to convert traffic from article sites into visitors (and potential subscribers).

Blogs, forums and .edu and .gov Links

I vaguely know that the search engines value links from .edu and .gov sites, but this tip provides an easy-to-use strategy to get those links.

The Two Most Important Words in Blogging

Are you using these two words in your posts? You should be, because they could make all the difference to your readers.

Don’t make a bad deal

Seth Godin offers some advice for starting a business partnership. The tone is realistic (as opposed to optimistic or pessimistic).

21 Surefire Tips for a Successful Blog Launch

An excellent collection of tips, well worth the read.

Fifteen Ways to a Killer Blog With the Scobles

Good tips from successful bloggers, recapped in a very readable way.