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Best Practices for Speeding Up Your Web Site
osx – Terminal Tips and Tricks For Mac OS X – Apple – Stack Exchange

Brilliant tips I never would have thought to look for. 🙂

9 Things You Can’t Forget When Designing a Blog | Tutorial9

A good “pre-flight checklist” for blog design.

60-Minute Naked Truth Salesletter Formula | The Michel Fortin Blog

A simple formula for quick salesletters.

The Pomodoro Technique

Marlon Sanders recommends this technique. It’s also a very attractive site. 🙂

Tab Skips Select Form Fields in Mac Browsers

Macs have some of the strangest default settings. This is a fix for one that always eludes me when I’m on a new system.

ThinkingPHP and beyond » Need to share global variables throughout your app?

Useful tip for global variables in CakePHP.

Instantly Improve Your Writing – oDesk Insider

Three great tips for writers who use Microsoft Word–everything from find-and-replace to ease-of-reading stats.

iMedia Connection: A simple design fix for your website

Some very good concrete suggestions, most of which would be easily tested by using Goals in Google Analytics.