WordPress .XML Test Data Import | Self Conclusion

Another source of test content for WordPress. Each collection I find has some good ideas, but none has everything. Time to release my own?

Low cost usability testing – UserTesting.com

I’m totally going to use this service. The price is right and the service sounds very helpful.

Email design and spam testing just got easy with Campaign Monitor

This is a nice option to have when creating e-newsletter layouts.

Proxy Lists. Sorted by type. List #1

I’m developing a site that is international and needs some localized features. I’m using foreign proxies to test the features, and found this list helpful.

Great Firewall of China | Home

A very helpful service to test a site’s availability in China.

IEBlog : IE6 and IE7 Running on a Single Machine

Very handy virtual machine image for web testing.

The Ultimate Testing Checklist [Server Side Essentials]

A highly-rated summary of testing best practices.

Internet Explorer® Public Beta 2 Screenshot Utility

I have IE 7 beta 2 on my laptop, but it’s nice to have a utility like this if the laptop’s not handy.