13 Free Mac OS X Apps That Can Make Your Lives Easier @ SmashingApps

I’d like to use a few of these, especially the Apo Cleaner, when I’m on my Mac.

Instantly Improve Your Writing – oDesk Insider

Three great tips for writers who use Microsoft Word–everything from find-and-replace to ease-of-reading stats.

Digital Web Magazine – Capture a Screencast with a Mac

A good reference for such time as I start screencasting. – Comic Life – Version 1.3

I like this easy-to-use software. My only question is whether I could consistently come up with witty things to say…

Pixel image editor

Another low-cost image editor for Macs (among others). Current price is $32, but it’s about to go up. However, I haven’t tried it and don’t know the quality yet.


I hope that their website isn’t a testiment to the quality of their software, but they come up in discussions of open source image editors for Mac.

WikiMatrix / Wiki Feature Comparison – Compare them all

This site is SO useful! Just tell it what you’re looking at in a wiki, and it will give you a very thorough comparision of the systems that meet your needs.

TextMate Manual

TextMate Manual

ShortStat Widget (For your stat checkin’ addiction)

ShortStat Widget (For your stat checkin’ addiction)

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Parallels Desktop for Mac