Tuple: The best pair programming app on macOS

I don’t currently use a Mac for my main dev computer, but for organizations where that’s standard, this looks like an excellent tool.

Visual Studio Code: End-to-End Editing and Debugging Tools for Web Developers – SitePoint Premium

I use Visual Studio Code every day but I’m certain there are many features I’d appreciate if I knew they were there.

Private group chat and IM, business and team collaboration – HipChat
Free Software & Tools for Your Business!

I’m not an “administrative consultant” but Danielle’s list of useful software is handy for any online business-person.

YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener
iPhone 4 Camera HFOV for hugin

This was exactly the information I needed to stitch my iPhone 4 photos together.

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code – Joel on Software

Hmm. I don’t really do most of these. Meh.

Is Documentation Holding Open Source Back?

A very good, succinct guide to the essential information that a software/technique/project website should contain.