Shoestring Smarts | The Top 5 Free Search Engine Optimization Tools

You can pay tens of thousands of dollars for great SEO help (and not-so-great SEO help!!). But if you’re willing to learn the ropes and do some research, you can get great search engine traffic on your own – for free or for very little $.

WordPress SEO: Optimize your WordPress theme headings (h1, h2, h3) | fiLi’s tech

One of the better articles that stemmed from the ProBlogger post. I’m taking some of his ideas to heart and modifying my base theme.

Duplicate Content Cure Plugin for WordPress »

Seems like a plugin that should probably be in my default install.

Godbit Discussion Forum / SEO recommendations?

I’d like to learn more about SEO and these look like some good resources.

Ask Database

I like the idea of this service, but I’m not sure how I would get enough survey responses to be useful. I guess an exit survey on my sites would be one way, kind of like Microsoft does. Something to try when my schedule is at a managable level.

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

Wordtracker has made a free version of their suggestion tool available. Initial tests look promising.

Planet Ocean UnFair Advantage Book On Winning The Search Engine Wars – Search Engine Optimization & Marketing SEO Book

I’d like to read this as a follow-up to Aaron Wall’s SEO book.

SEO Book

I’ve been reading good things about this ebook and would like to purchase it. (Again, this is a bit of a time limitation.)

Blogs, forums and .edu and .gov Links

I vaguely know that the search engines value links from .edu and .gov sites, but this tip provides an easy-to-use strategy to get those links.

How many sites compete for a keyword (and why you want to know)

This is a good tip in that it takes into account your actual competition vs. those you might think are your competition.