How One Smart Move Can Attract Constant Attention — Copyblogger

This is a very smart strategy that I ought to be using!

Search Engine Optimization and Search Marketing Courses

Some good quality SEO training, some of it for free.

Juggler – Australian Search Marketing Agency

I like their white label services, and their prices seem reasonable for what you get.

Get Your Google Profile Tidied Up |

I had no idea that I even HAD a Google profile. I’ve made mine pretty now. 🙂 Looks like there’s an SEO benefit, too.

20 Blog Promotion Guides to Inform Your Strategy – Liz Strauss at Successful Blog – Thinking, writing, business ideas . . . You’re only a stranger once.

A nice meta-list of promotion techniques. Probably worth drilling down and exploring most of them.

WordPress Theme Review – The best WordPress themes for SEO

Review site that looks at the search engine optimization factors of each WordPress theme and then gives a score; nice way to find a good theme that also will help get traffic.

Google AdWords: Traffic Estimator

This is a good way to determine relative popularity of keywords.

Spontent Jetsubmitter

I’m testing out this article-submitting service.

Easy Money Systems

Nevermind the hype-y title. This is a good resource for ideas on article marketing.

How To Get To Number 1 In Google – SEO

A good nuts-and-bolts account of an SEO campaign.