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Sell Downloads The Easy Way – Digital Delivery App

I’ve heard good things about this service, and I’m unimpressed enough by e-junkie that I’m definitely considering switching.

The Art of Nonconformity Ā» Product Launch 101

I’d love it if Chris turned this post into a mini-product of its own. With checklists. šŸ™‚

60-Minute Naked Truth SalesletterĀ Formula | The Michel Fortin Blog

A simple formula for quick salesletters.

Small Changes, Big Profits

I need to update my ebook, but then I’m totally buying this!

This looks like a good option for getting affiliates involved in my products.

SiteProNews: Is Your Web Site Missing These Crucial Conversion Factors?

This is like a little online marketing course in a quick article. Kim covers all the major points of getting a good conversion rate with your online sales pitch. – Lists and Manuals for Tax Lien and Tax Deed Sales Nationwide

Of course they’re trying to sell something, but their calendar of upcoming sales could prove useful.

Idaho State Tax Commission – Sales Tax Exemption Forms

Form ST-101 for sales tax exemption

Small Businesses missing the Web :: Adam Kalsey