Southwest Airlines Rapid Rewards® Credit Card

If this card is available after I move, I’m going to look into it for my business.

Royal Jordanian

I intend to get miles for our flights, but I’ll need to do the Missing Mileage Credit process after the trip.

FAQ – Stack Overflow

I like their reputation system.


I’m going to get a few different colors of this as a reward to myself for logging my food for seven consecutive days (I’m all about bribery).

Bencivenga 100 Seminar

My goal: increase my revenue to my target level three months in a row. If I do that, and this program is still available, I will buy it.

Anarchy perfume version of Chaos eau de toilette spray 1.0 fl oz/30 ml

I’m going to buy this for myself when I keep my average weight below 135 for 7 consecutive days. 🙂


I’ve decided that this will be my 150 pound reward.

zen habits: Reward Yourself Without Spending a Lot

These are good ideas that I might use in relation to weight loss (probably not the cookies, though…).


I’d like to order this set of CDs based on Steve’s recommendation. I am setting this as my reward for reaching 145 pounds and staying beneath it for a consecutive week. (I’m currently at 150, on my way to 130.)

WorldMap – Your Strategic World Missions Resource – Maps of Bible Translation, Languages, and People Groups – World Map

I’d really like to get this map. Maybe my reward for getting my weight below 135?