Productivity Engineering: Overcome Procrastination with Hypnosis

My mind just gets in the way, anyway.

SUNDAY LLC || (212) 660-9960

I like that this service is domestic yet still affordable.

Isahrai (is) Quixotic | The Accidental Cultist Part 3:

I like this organization system and am experimenting with it.


Ooh, I want this! It’s a bit spendy but would be a good investment if it lives up to the hype.

zen habits: Email Zen: Clear Out Your Inbox

This is like the holy grail of email for me. My email inbox is a constant source of frustration for me. Going to use these tips if it kills me.

GetFriday – Life gets better with GetFriday

Outsourcing agency recommended by Tim Ferriss.


I’d like to order this set of CDs based on Steve’s recommendation. I am setting this as my reward for reaching 145 pounds and staying beneath it for a consecutive week. (I’m currently at 150, on my way to 130.)

Good and Bad Procrastination

A great essay about procrastination and priority setting (in the most simple sense). I’m going to be great by following this advice. 🙂

The Personal MBA

I’m intrigued by this and planning on participating.

Polyphasic Sleep

I think I’m going to be trying this after Thanksgiving.