Jeditable – Edit In Place Plugin For jQuery

I’m going to use this for one of my web projects.

Any+Time™ DatePicker/TimePicker AJAX Calendar Widget – AJAX, JSON and XML Consulting and Training by Andrew M. Andrews III (SM)

Really nifty date picker.

JQuery Cycle Lite Plugin

A nice, simple fade-slideshow plugin.

All in one SEO Pack configuration step-by-step | SEO | SEM | Internet Marketing | Jack Leblond

I appreciated the setting-by-setting approach in this post.

WordPress › Broken Link Checker « WordPress Plugins

This is a contender for my must-have plugings list.

WordPress Blogging Book

I like the overviews of various useful plugins.

Underused Plugin Function | Epic Alex :: Web Design

Help your plugin’s users find the settings page with a little extra code.

The Power of WordPress and jQuery: 25+ Useful Plugins & Tutorials

Another great jQuery roundup post, this one specific to WordPress plugins and tutorials.

Recently Popular WordPress Plugin | Eric Biven’s Blog

This looks like a promising replacement for the seemingly abandoned Popularity Contest plugin.

WordPress Plugin: FV Community News

This plugin will come in handy as a way of letting users contribute content.