Query Multiple Taxonomies plugin
Shifting Mind » Postalicious

Testing out the Postalicious plugin. 🙂

Taxonomy Picker Plugin for WordPress

This is close to what I need for my theme review site.

WordPress › Lifestream « WordPress Plugins

A very useful plugin for gathering personal pieces from around the web.

TabSite – No more FBML! Customize your Facebook Page
Twitter Blackbird Pie WordPress Plugin | Themergency

Clever, attractive way to display tweets in blog posts.

WordPress › GD Star Rating « WordPress Plugins

I like that this plugin supports multiple ratings (for different characteristics). I’m planning to use it on a review site or two.

Personalized URL (PURL) Marketing with Purlem – Get Started Free
WP-Auctions plugin

I might use this for a site idea I have (auctioning desserts! 🙂 ).

WP Plugins

A smart business model (and one that could potentially benefit me, if I ever get around to releasing some of the plugins I’ve developed).