Advanced PHP Error Handling via htaccess • Perishable Press

An excellent, in-depth (including code) overview of error reporting and suppression using just the .htaccess file… perfect for hosted accounts.

Free PHP Web Hosting by freezoka

I had this service recommended to me as a good free host. Note that they don’t include Fantastico on free accounts. | Understanding CakePHP Sessions

For some reason, CakePHP sessions tend to confuse me. This reference has saved me several times.

How to get the table prefix in CakePHP

I’ve made notes for the next time this problem bugs me badly.

phpThumb() – The PHP thumbnail generator

This is a very useful class for doing all sorts of nifty things with images… thumbnail generation is just the tip of the iceberg; it also does rotation, white balance, and transparency, among other things.

User-friendlier country selection – cakebaker

I’m in the process of writing some code to do this style of country selection.

How to include a remote file using php if fopen_allow_url is not allowed? – Yahoo! Answers

This answer is really helpful, and I particularly appreciate that it covers how to test for cURL.

Eclipse – Best Editor for PHP « memento

One coder’s recommendation for a PHP IDE.

WordPress Hooks » Blog Archive » comment_form

I might need this info for a client request.

Learn symfony: a Beginner’s Tutorial [PHP & MySQL Tutorials]

I’m considering a PHP app for a client, and would like to explore symfony at the same time.