Smart Image Resizer (PHP): a simple way to create thumbnails and more on the fly – Shifting Pixel

Awesome script. I’m using it for my church’s site–prepping images on the fly for use in a rotating banner slideshow. Very slick.

FlipClips : Custom Flip Books made from Your Digital Video Clips!

I like this way of doing fun videos.

Zenfolio | Reed Photography | Babies

What a cute picture!

Dioramarama: A Year of Ott

I love the photos at the top. Good motivation to remember to take regular photos of Benjamin.


Fun tool that makes unique videos from your photos and music.

80 Million Tiny Images

My friend Star showed this to me and I’m amazed by the scope of the project as well as the visual results. and 30 Minute Photos Etc. – Photo Scanning

This photo scanning service is extremely affordable, but their quality isn’t as high as Scan Cafe. It’s still plenty high to reprint, just not for enlargements. However, if you have boxes of photos to scan, this looks like the best bargain.

Photo Scanning Services for Preserving Memories – ScanCafe

Someday when we get on a crazy clutter-free rampage, I’m going to want this link. This service looks like a very reasonably-priced one for most situations and they seem to care deeply about quality.

MOO | Flickr + MOO: claim your MiniCards

I need to remember to get my free Moo cards…

Photojojo » Make a Flash Photo Flipbook in Just 15 Minutes!

I expect I could kill many hours with this…