The Notecard System: The Key For Remembering, Organizing And Using Everything You Read –
Life is messy bootcamp – 2013
Online Receipt & Business Card Management System.

This is a very smart, clutter-reducing idea. I wonder if Daniel will go for it? 🙂

A Bit Of This and A Bit Of That: Art Portfolio Book

Very cute way to keep kids’ art.

Menu Plan Monday

Need good meal ideas? There are thousands just two clicks from this page.

How to Organize Mental Clutter |

Good step-by-step advice for coping with too much.

Bluelounge – SpaceStation

Sweet! This cable organizer is really well thought out and could be just what I need for my laptop- and cable-overrun desk.

Markee Dry-Erase Paint

I have a section of blackboard-paint wall in my garage, and this would be so cool for a kids’ room. and 30 Minute Photos Etc. – Photo Scanning

This photo scanning service is extremely affordable, but their quality isn’t as high as Scan Cafe. It’s still plenty high to reprint, just not for enlargements. However, if you have boxes of photos to scan, this looks like the best bargain.

Photo Scanning Services for Preserving Memories – ScanCafe

Someday when we get on a crazy clutter-free rampage, I’m going to want this link. This service looks like a very reasonably-priced one for most situations and they seem to care deeply about quality.