Seems like a useful, well-organized, complete resource for looking up song lyrics.

Wexford Lullaby

I think that I’m going to be singing this for the church “no-talent show” in a week.


I actually want to learn bass, but this version comes WITH the bass version, whereas the bass version doesn’t come with squat. 🙂

Interactive Online Guitar Lessons

I want to learn to play bass guitar. This is an online training system for about $20 with a money back guarantee.

Jewelboxing – Super Jewel Box Packaging System

A brilliant company marketing soup-to-nuts jewel cases. Their cases are attractive and they make it so easy! If I ever need to produce something, I’m here.

mp3act – Streaming MP3 Jukebox AJAX Web Application

Neato! A streaming MP3 ajax app for use around the house or elsewhere. Kind of like Orb (though just for audio) but more polished looking.

Flash Kit, A Flash Developer Resource for Macromedia Flash MX Tutorials SWF FLA images clipart Sounds WAVS Animations Help and Support
Magnatune: MP3 files and music licensing (royalty free music and license music).