Online Video Contests – #1 most updated video contest site on the web!

I have a client who will be running an online video contest, so this site will be a good place to promote it.

Playing Marketing Games on Twitter

This virtual chamber of commerce is a brilliant idea. I just wish I was the person to do it locally. (I’m not. 🙂 )

Grow Your Business With The 2009 More Buyers Mastermind

I love most of these people and want to get this just as soon as I’d have time to actually listen to it all.

Is Documentation Holding Open Source Back?

A very good, succinct guide to the essential information that a software/technique/project website should contain.

Top 10 MUST DO SEO Checklist

A great overview of the essential steps of SEO. Succinct but with links to further informationin most cases.

Why they aren’t buying your thing.

More brilliance from Havi about helping people get what they need from you.

Rusty Wright Clips and Links

A good source of quality articlesfor reprinting. Multivariate Testing Website Optimizer

Once I have a basic landing page set up, I’d like to hire these folks to optimize it. 🙂

How to Hack Someone’s Mind « Hoehn’s Musings

I really want to watch this but every time I think to do it, my baby is asleep and I’m afraid to wake him. Alas. I remain hopeful that one day I’ll know how to hack minds.

AdWords Learning Center

I want to go through all the lessons.