Audio: How To Make $250,000 A Year Selling e-Books – Interview With Daryl Grant – Part 1 | by Yaro Starak

Aussies are so pleasant to listen to! 😉 That said, I’m most interested to listen because of the success of the interviewee.

How To Start An eBook Business In 5 Easy Steps | by Yaro Starak

This was a great summary of what sounds like a great workshop.

Andrew and Daryl Grant Online Marketing

There is a TON of detailed, helpful information on this page. You can see why Andrew and Daryl are successful in their industry.

This looks like a good option for getting affiliates involved in my products.

Internet Marketing Book, Online: Conversation Marketing

Yay authors who put their books online. I like Ian’s videos and blog posts, so it would make sense that I’d like his book.


I don’t have a product that would make sense for this kind of advertising, but I’m fascinated by the marriage of environmentalism and marketing represented here.

Top 10 Reasons Why Proposals Fail

A clear and helpful list of things I might be doing wrong in my business proposals.

Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

Wordtracker has made a free version of their suggestion tool available. Initial tests look promising.

23 Ideas for Finding New Readers for Your Blog

A comprehensive list of quick tips for attracting readers. Definitely worth doing on every blog that matters to its writer.

Seth’s Blog: How to get referrals

My favorite tip from this article: “Give your best customers something of real value to offer to their friends (a secret menu, a significant gift certificate). Once you do that, not giving that gift to a friend feels selfish.”