Postcrossing – The Postcard Crossing Project

I like this concept. What a fun way to interact with people!

Guest Blogger

This is a good idea to get your name out there.

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Been meaning to submit here…

How to Improve Your Image by NOT Delivering | Copyblogger

Great advice and schedule for delivering information.

Seth’s Blog: How to be a great receptionist

I’m not a receptionist but I love the kind of thinking behind these tips. How can I apply the same attitude to my job?

Article Submission Directories With High Alexa Rank

A handy guide to the various article sites.

How to market your book online

A handy article I want to come back to later…

Forums And eLists For Networking and Personal Branding

This post has the potential to gather some great comments and become a tremendously helpful resource for job hunters.

Shoestring Smarts | The Top 5 Free Search Engine Optimization Tools

You can pay tens of thousands of dollars for great SEO help (and not-so-great SEO help!!). But if you’re willing to learn the ropes and do some research, you can get great search engine traffic on your own – for free or for very little $.

The most important rule

A helpful reminder for those of us who spend all our time on our products or service and not on people.