99 Ways to Promote Your Blog for Free << Vandelay Website Design

This is a great list, and I should be doing more of the items on it!

Universal Advertising and Marketing Questionnaire by Dean Rieck

I could use some of these questions when working with my blogging clients.

How I Made My First $2,000 In Affiliate Marketing – A Step By Step Guide

This step-by-step model is interesting and I’d like to try it every day for a week and see how well it works for me.

Quick Case Study: Finding Good Blogs To Comment On » Net Business Blog

I like the documentary approach to this post, and it seems like it would be a good way to do a similar tutorial.

5 More Principles For Picking Blogs To Comment On » Net Business Blog

Some useful observations about commenting for link juice as well as attracting attention.

31 Days to Building a Better Blog

I’ve been meaning to do these things…

New Clients Now! Marketing Strategies for Freelance Success [Get Started]

This article has some excellent ideas.

Elite Access

I can’t help it. I want to do this, even though I’d never have the time to really use it.

Internet Marketing Articles Membership

I’d like to sign up for this but am not sure if I have the time to adequately evaluate it.

Give to Get Marketing Idea-Kit

A bunch of bonus resources that look good, but I don’t have time for them right now. 🙁