Digital Web Magazine – Capture a Screencast with a Mac

A good reference for such time as I start screencasting. – Comic Life – Version 1.3

I like this easy-to-use software. My only question is whether I could consistently come up with witty things to say…

How to Make a Screencast on Mac OS X

I’m thinking of making a few screencasts and I’m on Mac OS X, so there you have it.

Fix Tab to drop-down in Firefox on OS X

Using Firefox on OS X and hate that you can’t tab through certain parts of forms? Check out the accessibility.tabfocus option (see comment #8 if you don’t find the setting to start with).

TextMate Manual

TextMate Manual

ShortStat Widget (For your stat checkin’ addiction)

ShortStat Widget (For your stat checkin’ addiction)

Parallels Desktop for Mac

Parallels Desktop for Mac | SafariTest | Mac Screenshot Compatibility Test

Another awesome Safari screenshot generator.