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3-tap Middleclick on OSX for MacBook & Magic Mouse

Just what I needed to make Firefox navigation easier. 🙂

13 Free Mac OS X Apps That Can Make Your Lives Easier @ SmashingApps

I’d like to use a few of these, especially the Apo Cleaner, when I’m on my Mac.

Tab Skips Select Form Fields in Mac Browsers

Macs have some of the strangest default settings. This is a fix for one that always eludes me when I’m on a new system.

Essential List of Tutorials, How-to, and Screencast for Quicksilver –

I have Quicksilver installed (well, did before the hard drive crash) but know I’m not using it to its full potential. These videos look like exactly what I need.

Steampunk Remake: Dave Veloz’s Keyboard and Monitor

Totally freaking awesome. I don’t follow the steampunk movement much but even I can appreciate the creativity and attention to detail that went into this heavy mod.

Adding Your Plugin to WP Extend Plugins With a Mac

I recently struggled through the SVN learning curve to get my plugin listed on This would have been handy then and will no doubt be handy on my next plugin release. – News

I’d like to try this, but not sure if I can as I only have Illustrator CS2 on an Intel Mac.

Intel Mac mini: Take Apart Guide (RAM & HD) | Applefritter

This is the guide I ended up using and it worked like a charm. The upgrade itself was a beast, but this guide made it much more manageable.

Macworld: Editors’ Notes: The Mac mini: Inside and Out

I bought a memory upgrade only to find out that I don’t have any tools around the house (specifically, really thin putty knives) to actually get the case apart. Arg.