Humbly Confident Part-Time Support Specialist at YNAB

This is the best-written job description I’ve seen in a long time. I might steal the format. 😁

Sortfolio : Web designers in San Diego

I’m thinking of relaunching my webdev biz. This might be a good place to try marketing.

27 Places to Find Web Design Jobs

Some excellent design-related job boards. I tend to think that diligent attention to all of these would pay off relatively quickly.

MBAA Landing

This course teaches you to be a consumer advocate and help people get fair medical bills. I like the idea of helping people who would otherwise have a lot of difficulties.

Making Money in Your Pajamas: A Freelancer’s Handbook from the oDesk Insider – oDesk Insider

A how-to ebook for freelancers (or wannabe freelancers) that covers all the steps for making money online.

Profiles I’d like to see on oDesk – oDesk Insider

Specific examples of good (but missing) freelancer adverts. General application of these particular ideas could help a lot of freelancers.

Get ahead on oDesk by specializing – oDesk Insider

Specialization is a scary undertaking for a freelancer, especially when you’re poor and desperate, but in the long run it will help you make more money and enjoy your work.

Forums And eLists For Networking and Personal Branding

This post has the potential to gather some great comments and become a tremendously helpful resource for job hunters.