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This is a great call-to-action.

7 Things to Cross Off Your Content Marketing To-Do List

Some good ideas for using a virtual assistant.

Ready Made – Business Cards – Seth Godin – Seth Godin – Making change happen |

I’d like to get these.

Best Web Design Preston, SEO, PPC, Digital Agency | 2am

I love their pink-on-black-and-white design.


Very cool crowd-funding site. I don’t know if I’m more interested in it from a recipient or giving perspective!

50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind | Marc and Angel Hack Life

These are generally some very good questions.

Styling Blog Comments: Correct Markup and Free Examples – Templatica

These comment style examples are a great starting point!

Gwen Bell – Big Love in a Small World – Blog – How to create your personal manifesto

I want to do a Vision Map party.

Six Ways to Style Blockquotes

I particularly like the drop cap example.

A Low Impact Woodland Home

I want a hobbit house!