The Clergy Letter Project
All Our Ideas – A Suggestion Box for the Digital Age

This is my favorite tool for pairwise comparisons.

UpStart Bootcamp : Online Course

Idea evaluation course.

50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind | Marc and Angel Hack Life

These are generally some very good questions.

Unconventional Business Ideas

I love concepts like expanding the pie and give it all away.

Goodreads | api

I’d like to create a simple app that makes it easy to cross-post book reviews across several book sites.

ideasonideas – Eric Karjaluoto discusses design, brands and experience » Blog Archive » Random observations – Part 4

Awesome post.

Designers Scribbles | The DesignO’Blog

I really enjoyed the sneak peek into the sketchbook of various designers. Mine seems kind of “meh” now. 🙂

UserVoice » Customer Feedback 2.0

Really like the free UserVoice service-perfect for letting users request features. I’ll use it on all my new web apps.

Zero-Based Thinking

A quick summary of Brian Tracy’s “zero-based thinking” approach.