Demo: Pure CSS GUI icons (experimental) – Nicolas Gallagher

I want to make a CSS class that puts a play button over an image.

Font Awesome, the iconic font designed for use with Twitter Bootstrap
108 Mono Icons: Huge Set of Minimal Icons | Tutorial9

This icon set is used in the demo of the theme I’m using on my site.

Roam Design Blog » Blog Archive » Free Vector Icons
Web Script Lab » Favicon Generator
How To Use Icons To Support Content In Web Design « Smashing Magazine

Excellent examples of icons being used well.

20 Free Exclusive Vector Icons: Calabria | Webdesigner Depot

I like freebies. How about some nice, shiny, vector icons? Oh, and did I mention they’re free for personal AND commercial use?!

RSS: Best Design Practices And Icons | Design Showcase | Smashing Magazine

Besides being full of good information, this post also features a bunch of free RSS icons.

favicon.ico Generator

Many of the favicons are truly ugly, but there are some good ones, and I like the concept of the project. I might have to make a few of my own to submit.