Healthy Recipes and Meal Ideas
Lifestyle Swimming Instruction

I want to take lessons to prepare for a triathlon. 🙂

15 Simple Ways to Overcome Anger |

This post has a whole lot of good advice. I’m particularly interested in the first technique about changing the physical circumstances.


This looks like good software for tracking workouts. If I ever get me a GPS bike computer, I want to find this again.

MBAA Landing

This course teaches you to be a consumer advocate and help people get fair medical bills. I like the idea of helping people who would otherwise have a lot of difficulties.

The Biggest Loser 5: TV Show, Series – Exclusives – Nutrition – Rocco’s Recipes – NBC Official Site

This recipe is on my “to try” list (just as soon as I get my hands on some quinoa pasta, that is).

Medi-Share – the Biblical Healthcare solution – since 1993

This is an interesting model for health care. I’d consider it if Daniel someday leaves the corporate world.

Unhappy Meals by Michael Pollan

A very compelling article about the way we look at food and how that might be hurting us.

McDonald’s USA – McDonald’s Nutrition Facts

I’m probably going to be eating at McDonald’s a lot next week, and I want to make the best possible choices.

Unlocking the secrets of Diet and Weight Loss – fatsecret

This is a diet community that uses data in interesting ways.