Rosewood Beanie Crochet Pattern Crochet pattern by Stephanie Lau
Chunky Dotty Beanies & Scarf Knitting pattern by Stephanie Lau
The Dotty Beanie & Duo-Color Dotty Beanie Knitting pattern by Stephanie Lau
1 Hour Knit-Look Beanie Crochet pattern by Jess Coppom Make & Do Crew

In case you crochet and have a little knit-envy? 😉

Knitty: Winter 2007 – Quant

I’d like to make this. Someday. When I find a few hours I don’t know how to fill. Okay, it may be a lost cause.


A nifty hat (okay, a toque according to the page) that would be good in a variety of colors and work well for guys or chicas. Plus I’ve discovered that this is a flattering shape for my face.


A guy-hat. Very manly for those bald heads.

My Hat of Choice

A cute, reasonably simple hat.

Fun Flapper Hat

A cute, close-fitting hat.

Lacecap hat

A sweet lace hat.