Parse Emails by Zapier
Mac – Evernote Developers
Remember The Milk – Forums / Tips & Tricks / Recurring Projects and Smart Add

This is actually a viable alternative to Basecamp’s list templates.

3-tap Middleclick on OSX for MacBook & Magic Mouse

Just what I needed to make Firefox navigation easier. 🙂

How to Hack Someone’s Mind « Hoehn’s Musings

I really want to watch this but every time I think to do it, my baby is asleep and I’m afraid to wake him. Alas. I remain hopeful that one day I’ll know how to hack minds.

[Ask SM: CSS] Equal Spacing, CSS Font Replacement | CSS | Smashing Magazine

It’s not perfect, but the idea here for distributing elements across a div is one of the better methods I’ve seen.

5 Easy Ways to Tackle IE6’s Transparency Issues – NETTUTS

The fix I’ve been using isn’t ideal, so I need to try one of these.

How To Stop Firefox From Blocking Google Reader Popups – Google Blog – InformationWeek

This problem plagues me until I find this setting. 🙂

Eric Martin » Conditional page/post navigation links in WordPress (redux)

Not sure why this functionality isn’t built into WordPress, but this is exactly what I needed for some conditional display code.

Hack Attack: Mouse-less Firefox

Nice summary of the more useful Firefox keyboard shortcuts.