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Gwen Bell – People – Patrick Reynolds

I really like the way Gwen has kind of a cast of characters.


Seems like the kind of place Keith and Daniel would enjoy.

Photojojo » How to Turn a Photo into a Mailable Mosaic (or, a Photo a Day and They’ll Think You’re Monet)

What fun this would be to receive! And therefore, what fun it would be to send!

life’s to do list…

Bozz has a great post on inspiring things she’s done and things she wants to do. We have some things in common on the “want to do” so maybe we’ll be able to do some of them together.

How To Make A Walnut Shell Case

A fun way to enclose a small message.

How To Make a Cloth Envelope

A pretty idea for making letters extra special. I might do these for Christmas.

How To Create a Treasure Hunt

A nice overview with some really original suggestions.

Tricia’s Wish List