How to Get Your Clients to Write Their Own Quotes | Vandelay Design Blog
Expert Advice Online by LivePerson

I may register with them down the road to provide WordPress help.

SUBERNOVA – Online Project Management for Rockstar Freelancers

I’m wondering if this could replace my Basecamp/Harvest combo (that’s costing me a LOT more per month!).

Making Money in Your Pajamas: A Freelancer’s Handbook from the oDesk Insider – oDesk Insider

A how-to ebook for freelancers (or wannabe freelancers) that covers all the steps for making money online.

The Tax Man Cometh – oDesk Insider

Taxes have been a big source of stress for me in the past. Now I’m incorporated, but I wish I’d known this stuff back when I was 1099ing it.

Make Money Online, Work From Home, and Take Back Your Life – One Entrepreneur’s Journey

I like how a blogger blogged his way through this, and it sounds like a very good book, and inexpensive to boot.

Profiles I’d like to see on oDesk – oDesk Insider

Specific examples of good (but missing) freelancer adverts. General application of these particular ideas could help a lot of freelancers.

Be Yourself: But Remember There Are Some People You Don’t Want To Be – oDesk Insider

Paying your dues is a necessary part of freelancing in a competitive environment. Maintaining a good attitude and having a plan makes the whole thing work a lot better, though.

Finding Your Ethical Line as a Freelancer – oDesk Insider

Whenever you’re doing work for someone else, there’s a question of what you’re willing to support with your work. I’ve been asked to build adult websites and turned them down, but it gets a little blurrier in areas like mediocre products.

Get ahead on oDesk by specializing – oDesk Insider

Specialization is a scary undertaking for a freelancer, especially when you’re poor and desperate, but in the long run it will help you make more money and enjoy your work.