SlickMap CSS — A Visual Sitemapping Tool for Web Developers

Makes it easy to create a visual sitemap based on an unordered list.

Mark O’Sullivan • Garden Preview Part I

I’m thinking of using Garden as a starting point for a couple of theoretical projects. I like that it’s got authentication and user management built in; I usually get frustrated with “reinventing the wheel” when I have to implement them, and I confess that it’s led to some… ahem… repurposing… of the WordPress backend just…

iWebKit – Make a quality iPhone Website or Webapp

I’ve yet to do any iPhone-specific development, but this looks like an easy way to get started.

Sandbox ·

I have my own “base theme” but I’d like to download this one and look into the code.

the zoop framework – zoop

Another PHP framework, looks like it has a lot of features.