The Definitive Guide to Parkour For Beginners | Nerd Fitness

Okay, now I kind of want to learn this…

Lifestyle Swimming Instruction

I want to take lessons to prepare for a triathlon. 🙂

Unlocking the secrets of Diet and Weight Loss – fatsecret

This is a diet community that uses data in interesting ways.

The Best Exercise You’re Not Doing – MSN Health & Fitness – Diet & Fitness

I found the single-leg squat pretty revealing (I’m weak!). Not sure if I’ll add it to my routine (have too many things I want to try) but I might.

Boddybug Calorie Management System
Gadgets to help you get most from workout – Digital Life –
Starling Fitness » Bodybugg – Weight Management On Your Arm

I’m curious to try the Bodybugg.


I’ve decided that this will be my 150 pound reward.

zen habits: Reward Yourself Without Spending a Lot

These are good ideas that I might use in relation to weight loss (probably not the cookies, though…).

Losing 10 lbs. of Fat in 2 Weeks? It’s as Easy as 1-2-3 — Take the 1-2-3 Challenge

According to this, I need to eat about 108 grams of protein each day. That’s kind of tough for me but I’m considering ways I might do this.