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I found the single-leg squat pretty revealing (I’m weak!). Not sure if I’ll add it to my routine (have too many things I want to try) but I might.

Boddybug Calorie Management System
Gadgets to help you get most from workout – Digital Life – MSNBC.com
Starling Fitness » Bodybugg – Weight Management On Your Arm

I’m curious to try the Bodybugg.


I’ve decided that this will be my 150 pound reward.

5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Workout

5 Reasons Why Every Entrepreneur Should Workout

3 Amazing Exercises Changed My Entire Life!

I’m such a sucker for these hype-y things. But the idea of 13 minutes of work a day with great results is pretty appealing. 🙂

Lactic Acid Is Not Muscles’ Foe, It’s Fuel

The earth is flat and all… apparently conventional wisdom has failed us again. I’ll be interested to see how this changes training recommendations.

10 Great Ways To Burn More Fat