Kickstartup — Successful fundraising with Kickstarter & the (re)making of Art Space Tokyo — Craig Mod

Great insight into the process of running a successful Kickstarter project.

How to Get a Real Education at College – WSJ.com

Whether or not you agree with his premise, his summary of what makes a good entrepreneurship education is right on.

The Mogul Mom | For moms running a business, raising a family and rocking both

This is a great call-to-action.

The Mark Cuban Stimulus Plan – Open Source Funding « blog maverick

I think this is a great idea, and kind of want to fund this way myself.


Very cool crowd-funding site. I don’t know if I’m more interested in it from a recipient or giving perspective!

The Toren Brothers’ List of the Top 10 Best FREE EBOOKS for Online Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners

Not sure when I’ll have time to read them all but good resources.

How to Change the World: Looking for Mr. Goodtweet: How to Pick Up Followers on Twitter

A practical blog for impractical people.

Nine Deadly Startup Diseases—and How to Cure Them [eCommerce]

I wish these didn’t sound so familiar….

3 Secrets for Multiplying Your Productivity, Success, Income, and Personal Happiness as a Copywriter or Marketer

These aren’t necessarily revolutionary, but they’re things that we all KNOW we should do and yet rarely get around to. A good reminder for me.

Renegade Publicist – Special Book Offer

Not shockingly, I’d like to buy this book.