Dinoparc – Pelea con tu mascota virtual
Travian – Juego de navegador – Romanos, Galos, Germanos
UC Berkeley Webcasts

UC Berkeley is one of several progressive universities offering online broadcasts of some of their classes. Several are of interest to me.

Learn Bible Greek on VideoPOD

I love the amazing resources made available on the Internet. Not that I have time to use them all…

Training In Cybermissions

A set of three six-week courses designed to train Internet evangelists. The first one starts July 17th, and I might be interested in taking it.

Top 12 Ruby on Rails Tutorials

What a cool idea! I want to go through these.

The Personal MBA

I’m intrigued by this and planning on participating.

Learn to Knit – Free online Knitting Videos!

My friend Tricia has been raving about this site. Awesome free resource for us aspiring knitters.

Practical PHP Programming
Online Professional Development Courses in Ethics and Health from the Klimes Institute