Free eBook

This “4-Digit Pass Code” is a really smart twist on the standard opt-in.

The E-book Editor | Creating Highly Effective E-books

I want Chris to edit and produce my next ebook.

Baker Ebook Framework

This looks like a great tool for building iPad snook apps. I’m planning on using it to make cookbooks, and building a little CSS/jQuery template along the way.

11 Ways to Convince Readers to Buy Your eBook

I’m toying with the idea of following this plan, item-for-item, to sell my ebook.

Portfolio | Ultimate Design

Some nice work in the info product market.

The Art of Nonconformity » Product Launch 101

I’d love it if Chris turned this post into a mini-product of its own. With checklists. 🙂

Small Changes, Big Profits

I need to update my ebook, but then I’m totally buying this!

Recovering Biblical Manhood and Womanhood :: Desiring God Christian Resource Library

Mark Driscoll called this book “life-changing” and recommended it. Conveniently, it’s available as a free PDF.

Finally Alive :: Desiring God Christian Bookstore

Another Piper book. Not sure what it’s about, but Piper is pretty much always a good bet.

This Momentary Marriage :: Desiring God Christian Bookstore

This book sounds good, and I like that Piper offers things at no cost whenever possible.