Free XHTML/CSS Website Templates – Template World

I’d like to turn these into WordPress themes (yay Creative Commons licenses!).

Ask Database

I like the idea of this service, but I’m not sure how I would get enough survey responses to be useful. I guess an exit survey on my sites would be one way, kind of like Microsoft does. Something to try when my schedule is at a managable level.

23 Ideas for Finding New Readers for Your Blog

A comprehensive list of quick tips for attracting readers. Definitely worth doing on every blog that matters to its writer.

Landing sites 1.3 | The undersigned

A great-looking WordPress plugin for providing context and value to visitors from search engines.

How To Market Your Blog in 2007

A fantastic list of tips for bloggers. This could be the basis of a course or an ebook.

Design Contests

I just discovered that sitepoint makes it possible to turn a job into a contest. I’m definitely going to take advantage of this.

mySociety » News

I’m interested in this collaborative project to improve communications. I might volunteer a few hours here.

Making Your Free Offer More Appealing

Justin has a good summary of one of the Business Basecamp session, emphasizing the presentation of free offers. Definitely good points worth keeping in mind.

Promoting Your Blog With a Series and Articles

This is a very clever tactic to convert traffic from article sites into visitors (and potential subscribers).