Edward Tufte: Courses

I want to attend this class. Just need to come up with the tuition. 🙂

Sortfolio : Web designers in San Diego

I’m thinking of relaunching my webdev biz. This might be a good place to try marketing.

MoodShare™ Beta v0.8 | Login

This is a nice, real-time collaboration tool for moodboard building.

Why Mood Boards Matter | Webdesigner Depot

This article has some nice examples of different styles of moodboards.

Luke Coburn (lukecoburn) on Twitter

This is a great Twitter background.

10 Great Google Font Combinations You Can Copy | Design Shack

This is a great article that seems like it’s just begging to be made into an app. 🙂

Subtle Patterns | Free textures for your next web project

Really nice patterns to add a little bit of visual interest without moving the spotlight.

Feng-GUI – Attention Analysis for Websites and Advertisements

Interesting, inexpensive alternative to eye-tracking studies.

Shapeways | Passionate about creating
YoungPrePro – Young Entrepreneur Blog | Helping You Achieve Online Success

Onibalusi does a fantastic job of promoting himself and his stuff without being overwhelming.