Unmark – The to do app for bookmarks.

I like the look of this tool and might want to emulate it for my own bookmarks.

The Postmodernism Generator » Communications From Elsewhere
New-Age Bullshit Generator
Kicker Studio | The Disciplines of User Experience
Managing feedback | Boagworld – Web & Digital Advice

This is the smartest way I’ve ever heard of for presenting design.

10 ways to battle web site bureaucracy

Paul Boag offers some great suggestions for simplifying a painful design process.

Ui Kit | PremiumPsds
Extraordinary | PremiumPsds
Demo: Pure CSS GUI icons (experimental) – Nicolas Gallagher

I want to make a CSS class that puts a play button over an image.

Typekit WP Editor Styles | Tom J Nowell

When I develop a theme, I like to make sure the post editor has accurate styling to provide a consistent experience and reliable results. This trick makes it possible to get Typekit fonts working in WordPress’s TinyMCE editor.