Alpine Challenge Bicycle Ride
Bicycling is Better » Which Cycling Politics: Doom or Possibility?

This post makes the excellent point that much of our advocacy actually decreases interest in cycling.

turn signal biking jacket

This makes me laugh (but also seems like a good idea at the same time 🙂 ).


This looks like good software for tracking workouts. If I ever get me a GPS bike computer, I want to find this again.

Bike Snob NYC: A Separate Peace: Brokering the End of the Cyclist/Driver War

An amusing “treaty” between cyclists and drivers.

Trail Condition 2007-2008 – Forums

Frequently-updated trail quality posts.

PAC Tour Home Page

I’d be interested in their Arizona week next year. Probably not ready to do the transcontinental just yet!

Home remedies cut the cost and pain – Keith Bontrager diary 2006

Keith offers up some thoughts on saddle sore prevention.

Lactic Acid Is Not Muscles’ Foe, It’s Fuel

The earth is flat and all… apparently conventional wisdom has failed us again. I’ll be interested to see how this changes training recommendations.

Fit Calculator :: Competitive Cyclist

This looks like a great tool for a “starting fit”. I need to go through it.