xkcd: COVID Risk Comfort Zone

I’ve already used this to guide my responses. 😉 (I tend a whole lot to the over-explaining side.)

23 Phrases Every Stressed Out, Strung Out, Well-Meaning (Yet Irritable) Business Owner Needs to Memorize TODAY

Need wording for difficult business conversations? You got it.

10 ways to battle web site bureaucracy

Paul Boag offers some great suggestions for simplifying a painful design process.

Private group chat and IM, business and team collaboration – HipChat
I wanna send you a card, but I can’t. Poop!

I love this and kind of want to steal it.

How to Manage the Monster – Project Management for The Freelance Designer

This is a great article with specific advice and practices for working with clients of all kinds (the monster is really lack of communication).