End a Zoom meeting with a physical switch
The Marketplace for Mobile App Components | Buy Sell Mobile Application Source Code

I’m looking forward to the development of the PhoneGap section.

Luke Lorenzo: Painless code syncing from any device with DropBox and GoodSync.

Gonna do this.

Shortlink trick » Otto on WordPress

An easy way to make shortlinks convenient for your blog readers.

Perfect Full Page Background Image | CSS-Tricks

I needed a technique like this on a project last year… eventually managed to hack something together, but this is definitely going in the reference files.

Some genuinely useful hacks. I’m going to add several of them to my base theme.

phpThumb() – The PHP thumbnail generator

This is a very useful class for doing all sorts of nifty things with images… thumbnail generation is just the tip of the iceberg; it also does rotation, white balance, and transparency, among other things.

User-friendlier country selection – cakebaker

I’m in the process of writing some code to do this style of country selection.

Eclipse – Best Editor for PHP « memento

One coder’s recommendation for a PHP IDE.

Easy Ajax with jQuery [JavaScript & AJAX Tutorials]

Since WordPress 2.2 is going with jQuery, it’s about time I learn something about it.