User:Matt/WordPress as CMS « WordPress Codex

Every so often I’m asked for examples of WordPress being used as a CMS or general website. This list is a good start.

Elgg: the open source social networking platform

I may be doing a social networking project and this looks extremely handy (if I don’t go with Drupal).

Objectis – Objectis Community

A cool place to try out Zope and Plone. I don’t need it right this minute, but it’s too useful to forget.

How To: Templating with Textpattern

I’m going to try Textpattern on an upcoming project so this will come in very handy.

umbraco cms, open source ASP.NET Content Management System written in C#

Another ASP CMS. Good editor if you’re using IE (not so spiffy in Firefox).

DotNetNuke – Web Application Framework

I have a potential client running on a Windows server, so I’m looking at ASP solutions.

Ekklesia 360 demo

This is a demo of this church CMS.